Sheltering Your Family from Storms & Disasters

Safety Testing for Storm, Tornado & Safe Room Shelters

  • 3rd Party Tested to ICC 500 and  ASTM E330/E330M
  • 3rd Party Engineering Design Analysis

How Do I Know if my Storm Shelter is Safe?

All 3 shelters designs AR500 Plate Panic Safe Room Series ,Panic Safe Room Series and Panic Safe Room Panel Series) have passed the ICC 500 missile impact test and the 250MPH (EF5 Tornado) wind test with flying colors.  

Air vents are not only crush and bullet proof but each shelter has a minimum of 3 times the air flow required by FEMA or ICC500 standards.

We have taken our testing to the extreme on our AR500 Plate Panic Room Shelters. We have shot them with a 308/7.62x51 168gr FMJ bullet in the same location as the missile impact text, without failure. 

Our fully welded Panic Room Series Shelters and the Panic Room Panel Series Shelters have been shoot with a 44mag at the same required locations in this section without failure.

The bottom line is a 308/7.62x51 or a 44mag will deliver more energy in a 1/3 of an inch than a 2x4 will do in 5.25 inches.

3rd Party testing on panic room shelter   Panic Room missile impact testing


Benefits of our Product that Separates Us From the Competition

Mead in the usa logo
  • Made by Americans in America using American Steel
  • Some of the strongest, longest-lasting shelters on the market
  • All of our Safe Room Shelters meet and exceed ICC-500 and FEMA standards.
  • Designed to withstand .308 Rifle Round

Financing Available

We help you make your shelter affordable with financing options through Hearth. For more information or to see if you qualify, Details about Financing.

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