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Installation of Above-Ground Tornado Shelters in Era

At Safe Room Shelter, we can’t predict when a tornado will occur. The strength of extreme storms and tornadoes can be extremely dangerous, especially for cities like Era that lie within the "Tornado Alley" section of the United States. 

Our bulletproof and high-quality above-ground storm and tornado shelters can provide the protection you need from injury or death that can be caused by these dangerous weather conditions in Era. We manufacture and install the best quality aboveground tornado shelters in Era and our shelters can withstand the forces of extreme wind and flying debris in Era which is a result of these natural disasters. Please call us today at 844-416-0011 to get our service in Bryson with free estimates!

We Keep Your Family Safe in Era, Texas

While remaining affordable, based on our considerable steel production knowledge, we set out to develop an above-ground tornado shelter in Era and other cities that is far stronger and better built than what is currently available from our competitors. Our shelters are intended to fit into any type of home or company. Each storm shelter is designed to be modular, which is just one of our shelter's characteristics.

Typically our safe rooms are used predominantly as a storm shelter. We have installed our products as safe rooms, either as a panic room or as a place to secure guns, ammunition, and important documents.

Aboveground Tornado Shelter Installation

What Sets Us Apart in Era

  • Emergency Exit
  • High and Low airflow vents
  • Bullet-Proof
  • Grade 1 High-Security lock
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Modular Design

Our goal is to have a storm shelter in every home or business, so you have the peace of mind that you and your family are safe during a tornado or severe weather. We also manufacture custom storm shelters for businesses, for those companies that choose to keep their employees safe.  To get our service in Era, please call us today at 844-416-0011 or contact us online.

Benefits of our Product that Separates Us From the Competition

Mead in the usa logo
  • Made by Americans in America using American Steel
  • Some of the strongest, longest-lasting shelters on the market
  • All of our Safe Room Shelters meet and exceed ICC-500 and FEMA standards.
  • Designed to withstand .308 Rifle Round

Financing Available

We help you make your shelter affordable with financing options through Hearth. For more information or to see if you qualify, Details about Financing.

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